These frocks are fierce and so are their price tags. Most movie stars, starlets, and legends when attending events, such as the Academy Awards, serve as walking advertisements for major designers and wear the gown gratis.

While chatting with a movie star’s date for THE event… a perfectly charming and guileless beard and, from what I understand, a grammar school Principal (also called in Hollywood – I think quite condescendingly – a  “non-pro” – a reference for those who toil outside the film industry). Anyway, she chirped merrily that she had paid for the spectacular dress herself.  When I questioned her she replied she was thrilled to be attending.

Kittens! That is just so wrong. One could even say… tacky. That movie star makes multiples of his date’s yearly salary every week.  I immediately had to find my way to the bar and have a drink.

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  1. August 22, 2012

    Had I been there I would have joined you 😉

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