Ever have one of those days? Well, I really can’t complain… Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor in MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION, directed by John M. Stahl, based on the book by Lloyd C. Douglas. The 1954 Douglas Sirk version deserves a post of its own…


    • Some sweet ride of the 1930s — and very high end because Robert Taylor was portraying rich and reckless. I’ve been staring at the hood ornament, but I can’t make it out. A bird?

      • It’s actually a Cadillac, often used a Cormorant (a type of seabird) as a radiator ornament–which was part of the Cadillac family crest (a french explorer, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, founder of Detroit in 1701). Also, on the sidemount tire cover is a ‘V’ emblem, denoting the engine type in the car, probably a V-8, an engine type associated with Cadillac (V-8, V-12, V-16). Packard exclusively used a Straight-8 for all it’s cars, as it was very smooth running, and did not use a V-8 until 1955.

    • Douglas Sirk (as my friend Polly would say) is yummy. I think his most scrumptious film was “Written on the Wind” — not so latent imagery, candy box color palette, and Dorothy Malone dancing the mambo of death in a pink negligee… But, darling? What classic scent would she have been wearing???

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