The Beatles landing at LAX – they played the Hollywood Bowl in August of 1964 and 1965:


August 24, 1964 — the day after the Hollywood Bowl — at a Bel-Air rental:


  1. beachgal

    I managed to get tickets for all 3 Beatles concerts in LA – 2 at HB and the one at Dodger Stadium – all I did was mail in my money order to KRLA and my tickets came back in the mail! In hindsight after hearing how hard it was for many to get tickets after the 64 year – I had 4 friends also send in for tickets in 65 to be sure one of us got them. I know I never stood in any ticket lines to buy Beatle tickets like I did for later concerts – I had no idea how historic those shows were in 64 and 65 – by 66 we KNEW it was a real treat to be there – the sound was HORRIBLE at Dodger Stadium – they pipped them over those little tin 4″ speakers mounted on the polls in the seats used for the regular PA back then! A few of the early concerts at The Sports Area (Kinks/Herman’s Hermits and others) tended to have the best sound – tho I could hear The Beatles sing at the HBowl despite what many others seem to have posted and reported in the years since – I clearly heard them – but then I was not screaming my head off either! I was quite and smiling and trying hard to hear – I never did quite get all those folks (guys included – not just gals) who were screaming and crying their eyes out!

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