I had a friend who used to work in the 1980s for the Samuel Goldwyn Co. He lived in Beverly Hills in an apartment and he took the bus to work. He also liked to walk. Apparently that wasn’t fashionable at the time and on his excursions by foot he was repeatedly stopped by the police and questioned as to his occupation and address – I think the thing that most perplexed the police was that he didn’t have a car.

I like to walk and apparently now it’s just hunky-dunky with everybody (well, and presently I don’t live in Beverly Hills) and I like to take pictures with my phone. Which, I will subject you to shortly – but first I have to say we’re coming on to Thanksgiving – and one thing I’m thankful for is the fantasy (dream houses!) and eclecticism of Southern Californian residential architecture.


  1. Yep if you stepped foot to earth north of Santa Monica Blvd. the cops would stop you. I love these houses. Nothing like them anywhere else… like some fanciful set sneaked off the back lot at Fox in the dead and night and settled somewhere in the hills.

    • It’s a four story house that radiates from a central spiral staircase – lots of square footage – but it feels constricted because all the rooms are in a coil… It’s cool but I couldn’t live there!

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