Here’s the skinny from the Los Angeles Times about a club in Los Angeles where the high and mighty got silly and drank during Prohibition…

Goofy Goings-On at Honcho Hangout – Los Angeles Times.

The founder was the grandfather of the infamous Haldeman who was involved in the Watergate scandal. Grand papa was a “plumbing magnate” from Chicago who missed the “Hi Jinx” of his friends back home – so he recreated their (all male) milieu in a club house in Rustic Canyon.

A Group of happy campers at the dinner table in 1939:

1939 dining with the uplifters

Dressed up for the “Hillbilly Picnic”:

hillbilly day

The winners at the Uplifters Pajama contest:

1940 pajama winners

Here’s Milton Berle entertaining 3000 servicemen at the Uplifters USO picnic in 1942:

1942 Milton Berle Trudy Marshall Private Robert Haines 3000 enlisted attend picnic

You’re welcome, Mr. Lanier! I feel certain some of those ‘hillbillies” are men in drag 😉


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  2. Ella B

    Hi! Are these pictures yours? I am making a student documentary about The Uplifters and would love to credit you for these pictures if I can!

    • Hi Ella! I’m trying to remember the source of those pictures, I think they were from — the digital collection of the Los Angeles Public Library — I just checked, yes, their collection is extensive and the credit should go to them. Check out the link and good luck with the documentary!

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