We’ll do a little updating on this later in the day, something suitable for a wintery Valentine’s dinner, but for now, with love from Lucy:

lucille ball goulash

Note: I think “Accent” was MSG — unless you want a banging headache leave it out.


  1. Thank you, it sounds delicious. In fact I tried the ‘real’ Goulash in Hungary (Budapest) and that was horrible, the thick layer of oil on top of the soup …. I was quite disappointed, when Goulash is supposed to be originated from Hungary, I hope this recipe works better!

  2. I love Lucy’s recipe notes. I find the relationship between her and Desi fascinating. Especially because evidently, in real life, Lucy wasn’t very funny. Desi was the funny one. She was a comic genius with perfect timing, but I think poor Desi was underrated.

  3. George Kaplan

    A good quick albeit totally unscientific and unfair :)) way to judge a person : Do they like I Love Lucy? If they don’t find the antics of Lucy and Vivian Vance funny and Ricky saying “oww, LUCY!” for the umpteenth time doesn’t bring a smile to their face, I’m afraid they may well be a dead-loss, also check that they have a pulse they may be a pod-person!
    It’s kind of sad that “real-life” wasn’t so happy, but that’s the romantic in me.
    Apart from everything else they did, the legacy of Desilu itself is pretty impressive.

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