1. Took me quite some time to like him.When I did I realised that he wrote some interesting songs.For me Bowie defines certain periods of time-a lot of songs do that,but usually only the good ones.His friend and rival Marc Bolan is probably less well remembered in the US?Maybe I am wrong on that.He wrote some truly weird songs that make no sense at all {dont even bother trying to understand them}but that have a strange poetic mood at their best.I am thinking here of the Pre-T Rex Bolan when he was in Tyranosaurus Rex beloved of English hippies.

      • Bolan was a very strange person.His real name was Mark Feld and he was of a Jewish back ground.He was dyslexic which may perhaps account for his strange writing style.He seems to have strung words together for sound rather than sense and had a strange and unique singing or perhaps not singing style.That is best experienced by finding him on Youtube.

        He had a very ambi-sexual appearance and is credited with being the first of the gender benders and an early example of glam rock with T Rex.

        He died in I believe 1977 in a car accident and is survived by his American girlfiend by whom he had a son Rolan Bolan a minor musician himself.

        He has now become something of a cult figure in Britain with regular pilgrimages to his death site and is now credited with being musically influential even though his musical style was pretty basic.

        By the way I actually thought he was a girl the first the first time I saw him, but then again I thought the same of Boy George.

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