Rumor has it David Fincher has the rights to Stacy Schiff’s, “Cleopatra: a Life”- by the way, an excellent read. But, back in the early sixties the most expensive film ever produced was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and produced by the formerly gun toting Walter Wagner. https://vickielester.com/?s=darling%2C+please+don%27t+shoot+my+agent It was a production fraught with illness, incendiary love, and went over schedule… by about a year. As noted earlier in the day Leon Shamroy won an Oscar for Cinematography with an uncredited assist by Jack Hildyard. Miss Taylor’s hair was done by Vivienne Walker and women’s costumes were done by Renie.

I like these photos where Miss Taylor’s sense of fun shine through – photo by Roddy McDowall:

Another continuity still:


  1. George Kaplan

    Love the Roddy McDowall picture! He was a talented and nice man (or at least seemed so). I also like the second continuity still for different reasons, she looks impishly sexy there. I could see suiting that egyptian outfit and make-up… Wait, come back, where’re you going, that’s not an odd observation at all! I could see you as suiting Bebe Neuwirth styles too. Okay, I’m leaving, I’m leaving… 😉
    Didn’t La Liz fall ill and return to the States leaving the British sets (having originally insisted they shoot in Blighty) to be torn down then rebuilt in California? No wonder it cost such a vast amount!

  2. Jess Walter last year published a novel called “Beautiful Ruins” that, at the center of the plot is this movie, with spot-on scenes in the novel starring Richard Burton. I feel like I’ve mentioned this book to you already though (have it?? eek!). Anyway, it’s such a good book — it ranked as a best book of 2012 among many critics — and I loved it. Had never read Jess Walter before and aim to keep an eye out for him (he’s got a new short story collection out this year). Again, if I’m repeating myself, apologies!

    • With my memory it’s a blessing and I thank you if you’re repeating yourself – because I haven’t read “Beautiful Ruins” and just as soon as I finish typing I’m going to pop over to Amazon and get myself a copy. I have a feeling I will love it too!

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