I know, sometimes it’s hard to find solace in solitude — but you certainly wouldn’t have found it at Mocambo. Rita Hayworth and her agent Charlie Feldman after her divorce from the Aly Khan.

At Ciro’s with Kirk Douglas… Where she said, “Please, boys, no more pictures”. It’s an uneasy relationship between star and camera, and it continues to this day.


  1. Oh V

    That first shot says it all.
    But then, the second snap, you see when she goes and wears clothes as beautiful as that dress so beautifully then people are bound to want to look…

    Beauty bares a pinch.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. George Kaplan

    A true story about the flip side to fame that I’ve just read and thought you might like – A BBC news programme had two interviews to record, one at 2:30 the other a 3 o’clock, the interviews couldn’t be moved…but were at different hotels. Who were the principals? Israel’s deputy prime minister Ehud Barak and movie idol Johnny Depp. One of them would have to switch hotels but which? Would it be Barak, the politician who possessed an incredibly complicated security detail and – as proof that he wasn’t about to be a pushover used to dress en travestie in the 1970s in order to travel around Beirut freely and shoot Palestine Liberation Organization members, or Depp, cinematic hearthrob, vaguely idiosyncratic actor, and multimillionaire? I think you can guess!
    As the journalist who interviewed them wrote, “It says something about the world, I guess. The politician makes way for the movie star.”, a revealing and pretty funny anecdote.
    Two other amusing (if morbid in the second case) quotations from that book : “”No. It is in the control of four families.” Spokeswoman for Naples police, 1994, responding to my question: “Is crime in this city completely out of control”” and “Vine : In 1973 did you dress as a woman to assassinate members of the PLO?
    Barak : If needed, but not as a hobby.”

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