Merritt pasadena.

muralist Lucile Lloyd.


marathon dancers


  1. Of all the things to catch my eye, it’s the stockings in that third photo – that little piece of reinforcement on the back of the heel. Life was more practical back then.
    I love the quality of all of these photos you have. They have such true blacks and true whites. I think it’s because of the silver that was used in the materials. You don’t get the same rich quality with digital. It’s like vinyl versus CDs. It’s just not the same.
    Btw – ran out of ink, will replenish this morning. (That’s me being cryptic.) πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha! Here’s my stories:
    #1 Suspecting a tryst, Mother slipped out to hide in the backseat of father’s car with the umbrella she named “Mr. Pokey”.
    #2 It was Bridget’s lifelong dream to combine her love of food with art, but using mustard as paint earned stern disapproval from the local health inspector.
    #3 Gerald’s pliΓ© was always a thing of envy,but Pam fell for him the moment she realized they had the same size feet.

  3. George Kaplan

    Just saw this, love Ms Epperson’s tales especially the “Mr Pokey” one.
    All I could come up with was for the third “Chester absolutely adored kissing Betty the Backwards-Headed Gal as much as she adored being kissed” or “Ty and Joan vowed to get their revenge on whoever it was who’d glued them together, but first they hoped someone would hurry up with the solvent so they could get their shoes up off the floor” Heh! Those stink!

  4. Dearest M
    The Dandy’s eye is drawn by the artist painting the mural above what looks like a tea urn, with apparent beer taps all blurred in the foreground.
    What a splendid commission that must have been… the image is stored away for another day when a story may come its way.
    Thank you
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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