I remember seeing an item in the Hollywood Reporter a little while ago about the lack of skilled and seasoned producers in the industry. One of the anonymous sources cited a corporate culture at fault for eviscerating art and concentrating on profit. He/she bemoaned the emphasis on product, as if that were a new turn in the filmmaking game… Look for Louis B. Mayer and listen to what he has to say:

Jean Harlow with husband Paul Bern sign the register at the entrance to Grauman’s. Paul Bern, a writer and director at MGM contributed to the script of “Grand Hotel” and would commit suicide not long after this event.


Edward G. Robinson, Fred Niblo, Joan Crawford, Edmund Goulding, Norma Shearer, and Clark Gable sign – along with Hedda Hopper:

And, Lew Ayres and Lola Lane:


  1. You are both darling and kind. I found some pictures today of Louis B. giving the ambassador from England (Sir Esme Something) a tour of MGM in 1927 — along with some pics of early sound engineers. I’ll trot them out next week. Hugs to you Mister!!! V

  2. George Kaplan

    Doesn’t Jean Harlow look fabulous in those clothes? It is sad to think that she had but a relatively short time to live. I’m groggy, but wasn’t there some kind of scandal over Mr Bern’s death?
    Lola Lane is rather marvellous in that couture. Ah, and Lew Ayres: brave enough to be a pacifist in Hollywood.
    Fred Niblo, a name I find childishly amusing. And Louis B., what a funny man! (okay, not “funny” in the accepted sense :))
    Love Grand Hotel (and Dinner at Eight) – Garbo, the Barrymores, young Joan C – who doesn’t?!

  3. Poor Jean Harlow. Gone too soon. I remember looking at her hand and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese, and being amazed at how SMALL they were. Thanks for these images, Vickie—so much Hollywood glam!

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