1. I do not wish to be a bubble breaker yet again…but as someone who has worked a bit with the French press…well…the offices no longer look quite like the first photo. I apologize on behalf of the French Republic.

  2. The dawn of deco :Stunning! Oh, the light too!

    Heather, thou spoilsport! Don’t worry we won’t hold that against you, things change over the decades 😉

  3. How lucky that one may take inspiration from this handsome decor without a boundless budget… The designs aren’t fussy but instead emphasize light, line and refreshing textures.
    The images are stunningly un-dated, the second in particular. Seeing these, and having recently watched Luhrman’s Gatsby, I wonder what this aesthetic reveals of our modern personality…

  4. Just where do you find those? At least press offices in Germany look like cubicle hell… minus the cubicles, so a very loud hell. Luckily I’ve worked in a more pleasent ambience…
    Now the recent Smith College speach by Arianna Huffington – the one about wisdom and proper sleep – now makes me wonder what the Huffington offices and nap rooms look like…

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