1. George Kaplan

    Fabulous picture. I love that “innocent” expression on old Archie’s face! (he looks as innocent as Johnnie Aysgarth himself ;))
    Oh, and, Vickie, I like your “the year Citizen Kane didn’t win best picture” tag…!

  2. Vickie,completely off topic but I have been meaning to ask you this for some time.Unless you have already covered it could we have something on The Garden of Allah Hotel and Villas.It seems to have been such an interesting place and associated not only with the world of film ,but writing as well.

    I often think that had he coincided in time with the place before it was torn down that Jim Morrison would have fitted right in with his wild rock star ways.

    You probaly know this already,but there is a trilogy of books based upon a fictionalisation of life at the old place.

    At the moment of writing my screen saver is in fact a drawing showing the estate from above.It really was most extensive in a way that the photographs I have seen of it do not convey

  3. Vickie,yes I am referring to Martin Turnbull,although have not as yet read any of the books.Interesting that you should have met him.I have looked at his web site as well.Some of the emphera associated with the place such as hotel books of matches{is that what they are called?} are fascinatingly evocative of the period.Give my eye teeth for a few or even one-I would box mount it to show it off.

  4. I have just read Martin Turnbulls very nice reply to you Vickie.Thanks for the pics.I have seen some rather nice colour ones done much later before the place was pulled down.Plus there is some Youtube footage that can be found.

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