Julius Shulman and Richard NeutraRead about two of the greats at one of my favorite blogs:

Glamourized House: Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography | so-cal-arch-history.com.


  1. George Kaplan

    Thank you so much for introducing us/me to those two geniuses, it’s a true pleasure to have my knowledge expanded. Their work really speaks to me. And the Kaufmann Desert House is just… Incredible. How did I not know about these wonders?! (just ignorant, I guess 😉 )

      • As a child in Southern California I remember that we had family friends who lived in a Neutra house. I loved the lines and the light of it. So modern. Thank god we didn’t live in one, even though I would have loved it. You see my mother would have filled it with Early American furniture. UGH. As young as five I was all about Danish Modern, clean lines and Yul Ulu.

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