Gene Allen designed this lustrous Art Nouveau treat (I know what the credits say… but Mr. Allen did all the heavy lifting) – he deserves a post all his own, along with the incomparable director, George Cukor, and costume designer, Cecil Beaton – but for now, Audrey… with Rex Harrison:

With producer Jack Warner and Rex Harrison:


  1. When I was in London in 2009 I walked the streets of Mayfair and sang “On the street where you live.” I got a few looks. But who cares!! One should sing the appropriate song in the fitting place. On Grant Avenue here in S.F….. I sing, you guessed it. “Grant Ave.” from Flower Drum Song.
    I also learned that “My Fair Lady” was a take off on how the cockneys say Mayfair Lady. Or so a gentleman in Mayfair told me in front of Beau Brummell’s old house.

  2. George Kaplan

    Oh, and despite its flaws I still cannot resist My Fair Lady (nice mention of the Leslie Howard/Wendy Hiller Pygmalion) although Audrey’s Eliza should obviously hit Rex’s trout over the head with his blasted slippers at the end.
    “Move yer bl***in’ arse!”
    And then there’s the I Could Have Danced All Night sequence. Bliss!

  3. George Kaplan

    I am glad to be of service, adding to the sum total of your knowledge 😉 (did you ever hear what Sir Cougar got up to with Rachel Roberts?! *hides eyes*)
    Sexy Rexy had the nickname Sofa, as in “Leathery Old…” True story…

  4. Heather in Arles

    Oh my, whatever gushy girly comment I was preparing to leave just got swooshed out of my little head by Mr. Kaplan’s final comment!

    • Heather in Arles

      Gosh, I am trying hard to erase that image of Mr. Sofa, Mr. Kaplan–and not judge it either but it is in the noggin’ now for good!

      • George Kaplan

        I’m sorry, Heather, perhaps my some of my posts should be flagged: “May Contain Pungent Word-Images” or, more simply, “Warning: May Scar Your Mind!” 😉 Bwahahaha!

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