The second time the awards were televised Audrey Hepburn won Best Actress for her performance in “Roman Holiday” – Donald O’Connor is at the podium in Los Angeles, and Audrey is presented with the award by Jean Hersholt in New York – where she was working on “Sabrina” (location work was in Glen Cove, Long Island) with Billy Wilder, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart…

1954 Jean Hersholt on remote presenting to A. Hepburn


  1. Luminous Audrey, I’d forgotten she’d won for wonderful Roman Holiday. Remaking Sabrina was a silly idea, no one could compete with her, or Wilder’s picture (and though delightful it’s only 2nd – tier Billy). Her voice could be used as an argument for the existence of God…
    Oh, and Fantastic Donald (sans Francis the Talking Mule unfortunately) as well.

    • From what I’ve read Bogart was a grump on set – but later apologized to Wilder. I don’t know if he ever said anything to Hepburn about criticizing the number or takes that were required for her dialogue…

  2. Apparently Bogart resented the hell out of everyone on set, and felt they were conspiring against him; this wasn’t helped by knowing that the role of Linus was written for Cary Grant, by the fact he thought the role wasn’t right for him, or by the booze. He didn’t just bitch to journos about Audrey but Holden (who he thought would look more likely to get the girl – and thought was dumb besides) and Wilder too! It’s scurrilously rumoured that after Humphrey had made too many unpleasant cracks about his accent – and prdetended to believe he was a nazi – Wilder being not incapable of venom himself said the following, “I examine your face, Bogie. I look at the valleys, the crevices, and the pits of your ugly face – and I know that somewhere underneath the sickening face of a sh*t – is a *real* sh*t.”. I’d never read that Bogart apologized to Wilder, tho’ it would been nice if he did. It seems Bogie was just looking for reasons to be unpleasant on set, obviously he felt unconfident so lashed out awfully. It’s a pity because – although he *is* arguably too worn and miscast – he is likeable in Sabrina. Ach, You know all this already… I do think that if Audrey took too many takes that Billy Wilder would have complained vociferously about it in later years as was his wont. 🙂 I can’t think badly of Ms Hepburn.

  3. Audrey, dear Audrey.
    The ballet’s loss was so surely cinema’s gain.
    And how few stars are so cnnected with fashion and fragrance as she… all together now ‘L’Interdit’.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. While I love that movie (the genesis of my novel comes a little bit from it) I didn’t think her performance was anything special. Fantastic direction by William Wyler, and Gregory Peck managed to be an ordinary guy even though he’s anything but, something the likes of Hugh Grant (Notting Hill, similar idea), George Clooney (anything) and others just cannot do.

  5. I think that I can safely say that I have seen Roman Holiday more times than any other film…such a shining light. And I do love Mr. Peck too, the direction, the whole kit n’kaboodle.
    A shame that Bogie did his best to dampen ‘Sabrina’–perhaps he was jealous of Audrey’s bright star?

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