A Friday Shout-out & Song: Missing You by Dan Fogelberg

I may have mentioned this before — but this community is the greatest. Fun, scathing (when need be), thoughtful, witty, and open hearted. Thank you, Michael. And, thank you for introducing me to your film family.

Tales from the (Movie) Theater: Brotherhood (Part 1) | It Rains… You Get Wet.


It Rains... You Get Wet

I’m dedicating this post to another blogger/writer who also lives in my hometown, Vickie Lester. Ever since I discovered her Beguiling Hollywood site, it has become a regular haunt of mine. Totally enamored I’ve become of whatever she places up there on her blog for almost a year now. Her byline says it all:

Heir apparent to Hedda and Louella (for those old enough who remember that famous pair), she covers this company town of ours like few others. From sharing its stories, to the beautiful imagery of Hollywood (and Los Angeles) we’ve become known for, she truly does give this area of ours some added perspective. Her “vile harpy” posts another highlight, by the way.

She’s even put in an appearance on my blog with her deft comments on occasion, surely putting up with my known rancor from time to time, bless her heart. Still, she and I share…

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  1. Good show, Mr Le0pard13!
    Yes, this community at Beguiling is wonderful and that’s all down to you, Ms Lester – I think I’ll dub it The Vickie Effect! No demurring, please… 😉

  2. Oh, you are a brave Leopard for putting Dan Fogelberg out there…until I read your post and sheepishly admitted, “Well, he does have a really good point there…”! 🙂

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