1961 beached surfers malibu


  1. Where are Jan and Dean when you want them?On a more serious note.Could we have something about another aspect of beach culture-namely Muscle Beach and those Californian bodybuilders such as Dave Draper and Steve Reeves.There is also a link with the world of film via cod historical epics and all those sword and sandels type films.Now I dont think many{if any} of the films were great cinema, but they are a bit of history and have in my opinion curiosity value at least and no doubt sold an awful lot of pop corn at Drive In theatures.We had nothing that over here like that it goes without saying.

  2. In passing did and whilst talking in and around bodybuilding does anyone know that in his early days Arnold S spent some time in Londons East End where he was less than charming?I have at least one story.

    • Well the pneumatic numbers are largely the products of drugs if you have in mind what have when I read your words.They were around to a degree in the period I have mentioned above.They produce bodies that cannot possibly be sustained.Professional bodybuildings and those that would imitale them usually develop a range of health issues and that should surprise absolutely no one.I once read a rather grim autopsy report on am Austrian bodybuilder who wished the same fame as Arnold S and it was astounding the amount of damage done prior to his death.Had he not died of what he had it was clear that he would have had a very,very short life.He had frankly doomed himself with his obsession.

  3. Vickie so can we have something on Beach Party type movies,Muscle Beach and Swords and Sandels films and their stars.Let me know as I have to iron my toga for the event.Well must be off now to kick sand in someones face.

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