I love these two, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Dominic West… but… I’m not buying it. Are you?

Dominic West and Helena Bonham-CarterDominic West and Helena Bonham-Carter


  1. kschilke

    I think to capture the period both need to put on a few pounds. I do like the hair but the big fake plastic pearls in the second shot…………… OMG Elizabeth would turnover in her grave if she saw that … I am just saying .. Love the blog and the posts !

  2. George Kaplan

    I saw a preview of this and, well, it would be hard to find someone less Richard Burtonish than Mr West, that’s not a reflection on his acting just on his unsuitedness to the role. No offence to him but he looks unutterably grotesque made up as the older Dick and not much better as the younger 😉 (they may as well have cast Toby Jones or John Hurt or Idris Elba for *their* likeness to and ability to play Mr Burton!) As for Helena as Elizabeth – she’s gorgeous but she’s not, not, not convincing as La Liz, she doesn’t have the certain *qualities* that made Taylor Taylor. (full disclosure: I find Ms Bonham-Carter more attractive than Ms Taylor – yes, I do! – but Elizabeth had a certain something that H B-H can’t embody)
    Still, it has to be better than that Lohan abomination, right? Right?! Boy, I wish they’d leave this kind of material alone -sooo tabloid. It reminds me of a higher class version of terrible things such as the Woody and Mia tv movie. Blech! (The BBC has made a swathe of these “based on fact” muck-raking celebrity biopics recently, in which the only part of performers’ lives they are interested in are the tawdry bits. Well, apart from one about a creepy gameshow host who was *entirely* tawdry!)

  3. Dearest V
    What I’m not buying is how impossibly glamorous HBC is looking these days – well I am buying it, she’s stunning.
    As to their suitability to the parts, well, yes, there are some questions hanging… but I’ll wait for the film before passing judgement.
    The problem is that they’re made for BBC4 and tend to form the core of a ‘mini-season’ of programming about the subjects including documentaries, examples of their work, extended interviews from the archives… I say unfortunately, obviously this is great for one and the rest of the UK but it means that shown alone, without the context for which they were commissioned, these biopics can look a little odd…. some though have been pretty good in my estimation and far from all have been hatchet jobs…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed

      • Dearest V
        I quite agree, she’s not an obvious choice, but then, I wonder, who would be?
        I suspect the selection process is probably related to the fact that HBC’s star is so in the ascended at the moment, the only British film star (actor working almost exclusively on the screen) we have now that Emma Thompson has pretty much retired and Ken Branagh’s back on the stage…. sorry The Dandy’s digressing dreadfully.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Reserving most of my judgement. Looking at the trailer, it is possible that Helena will almost ‘be’ Elizabeth but Dominic doesn’t seem to come close to Richard.

  5. I love them both, too, but I agree. It is a resounding “no” from me. On the bright side, it has to be better than the Lohan/Bowler debacle from a year ago (if not as side-splittingly funny). 🙂

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