Blogging will be light as I adjust to my fab new footware

photoSo, I’ve got a handle on the crutches, but fanny bumping up and down the stairs? As to this specific contraption I think it was designed for a Yeti and not a human. At any rate – apologies in advance, there will be some pretty pictures of flowers up in a couple of hours and then I will be scarce for the next few days.

Cheers dears, V


  1. Having sprained and maimed my ankles several times, I’m quite familiar with the bulky body tripper pictured above as well as crutches and canes. After a while, you learn to use a crutch on the stair below to balance while tightly hugging the stairwell bannister. Now…if you have a spiral staircase there might be a problem.

    • My clumsiness must have impressed even the doctors, because while I was being instructed on proper crutch use a little convocation of three standing in the hall just shook their heads at the prospect of teaching me that, and came up with the ingenious suggestion of fanny bumping. Having done it once up, and once down the staircase, I have to say it’s going to strengthen my core like nobody’s business 😉 .

  2. Heather in Arles

    Whaaaa! Get better soon, Ms. V!
    And I dunno, the footwear looks very early Yohji to me…
    Bisous! Bisous! Bisous!

    • No! I missed something — not to speed around the house barefoot on a straight trajectory for a large, heavy, inanimate object!
      I am going to douse myself in Do Son now. No wait, I am going to instruct the Kid to fetch me the bottle 😉 . Much love, V

      • Dearest V
        Oh yes.. this is the excuse you need (as if excuse were needed) to be waited on hand and foot while bathed in fine fragrance!
        Better soon though.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  3. George Kaplan

    What some people will do to get the *funky new footwear that simply EVERYONE is talking about!* Worn on one foot for Extra Hipster Points 🙂
    Seriously, don’t get too frustrated Vickie and may the inconvenience and pain be over in an eyeblink.
    All my sympathy, Georgie K

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