Dearest friends… All the visa paperwork for a certain young man has come through and he’s on schedule for departure this Wednesday for four years of study overseas:

1932 Clare Vance Flying WingI couldn’t be happier or prouder.

1931Here at Beguiling we are over and out through the weekend. Keep your wings level my angels, and we’ll see you soon.


  1. George Kaplan

    Let’s hear it for the boy…or, rather, the young man! Hooray! Well done to him, embarking on a great adventure in which his talent will take him anywhere he wants to go. And let’s hear it for bursting-with-pride Vickie, too! Congratulations! *sound of champagne corks popping, or, in my case, soda opening!*

  2. What a heady mix of nervous excitement for you all! Enjoy your week-end together, he’s leaving home with wonderful adventures ahead and, without wanting to sound like a blecchy Hallmark card, never forget that you and Mr Lester have given him the wings to fly! Love and best wishes to you all!

    • I’m looking forward to visiting and tasting many varieties (apparently) of pickled herring…? He said it was cheap and abundant in the market, along with beer and black bread. I guess it’s better than an endless diet of peanut butter and jelly, marginally.

  3. Heather in Arles

    Oh my goodness! If this all seems so fast to have all come together for me, it must be a hundred-fold for the Lesters. Well, do know that I am sending my very Best as he moves on to this next adventure! Hooray! As Patti has said and yet I think you need no reminding whatsoever, enjoy this time! What a shame that the original Chasen’s is no longer around–a long lunch at such a place would be perfect! But then again, a wonderful lunch in your backyard? Better.

    • Dinner out tomorrow night (sadly, not at Chasen’s but someplace very nice) to celebrate the Mister’s birthday and the Kid’s launch. It’s just past lunch now, and it’s 91 degrees in the shade…

      • Heather in Arles

        Same here at 10am! Have a wonderful time tonight for Mister’s bday (also a Leo!) and for the Kid. Raising a (sadly?) imaginary glass of champers to you all!

    • Funny you should say that, because last night I did cast a baleful look in his direction when I was informed he was going out to hear a band etc. – considering he had to collect his student visa in the morning…

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