Beautiful and funny and died too young. She was married to an abusive rat who she got wise to and divorced. I’m not going to write a  blog about her death being mysterious, if you read the court papers you will find that it wasn’t.  I just want to share a few cool pics of someone referred to in her time as “the ice cream blonde” and the terrific looking restaurant she opened with director Roland West on PCH.


The iconic Spanish building was first opened in 1928 as a shopping center, does anyone know who the architect was? It kind of reminds me of the Chapman Market which was designed by Morgan, Walls, & Clements… At any rate, here it is, Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Cafe:


  1. She was so delicious! I know the entire story but I don’t know who the architect was. And I think I have hazy memories of seeing the building when I was a kid…maybe I am wrong. Is it lost now?

    • Thank you! My husband always jokes with me about how I love to go grocery shopping and he calls the market my “holy place”. On Thursday I’ll be posting some stores from the twenties worthy of the designation 😉

  2. What a Deco delight the restaurant is.If I had not been sitting I might have fallen over when I saw it.Needless to say i had never seen them before.What a stunning bridge as well.

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