Screw Ambiguity – Vince Gilligan, take a bow

Vince Gilligan photo by Eric Stevens

Vince Gilligan photo by Eric Stevens

On how he feels now about ending the show just as it was surging in popularity

“Every story has its running time, and it’s just hard in television to know what that running length should amount to, and I feel very happy and satisfied by the fact that we’re wrapping up now. I can’t even believe that the ratings have increased with each episode — I just think it’s wonderful — and people have asked me, ‘Does it make you want to go on and do a bunch more episodes now?’ Just the opposite. It makes me think, through quite a bit of good luck being involved, we really did pick the right moment to exit the stage, and I feel even more confident of that now than I did before.”

via ‘Breaking Bad’: Creator Vince Gilligan explains series finale | Inside TV |

I can’t stand endings that are open to interpretation. I celebrate Vince Gilligan and the cast and crew of Breaking Bad for laying it all out and tying it all up.


StePhest Colbchella ‘013 – Daft Punk’d – The Colbert Report – 2013-06-08 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.


  1. Hear, hear! Sad to see it go, but when it was here, it was the best. Vince tied it all up rather nicely (if that’s a word that could be used with Breaking Bad). I’m with you on this, Vickie.

  2. George Kaplan

    Excellent post, Vickie. Ambiguity has its place but not really at the end of a long-running series that is meant to have an END. Mr Gilligan did the right thing, it can show a certain contempt for the audience to opt to end series with a blurry ending; one of the worst examples of a series based on mysteries ending without answering questions – that were in narrative terms *meant* to have an answer – is Lost. Always a mystifyingly overrated series, the writers lazily copped out with some nonsense about it being about the “journey”… What a load of…cobblers. Breaking Bad has an *ending* and doesn’t cop out so… Hooray! And hooray for you, too, Ms L.!

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