Art Deco glamour – Norma Shearer

Annex - Shearer, Norma (Strange Interlude)_04


  1. Heather in Arles

    Loved everything about this. The smoldering gaze, the gown, the (not lit) fireplace, the metallic flowers…see? This is such a prime example of why I am so grateful to have found my way here.

      • Dearest V
        Hardly an auspicious ending. But a brilliant film all the same. I am a big fan of Powell and Pressburger, ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ is probably my favourite of theirs… and you Americans are so mean to us in that!
        Your ever
        The Perfumed Dandy
        PS Yes, you were in Promotions (not eve ‘Social’ I’m afraid to say, but that has been rectified and my late reply sent)

      • Love the opening of that film, A Matter of Life and Death, so romantic… My favorite Powell and Pressburger film is the one with Wendy Hiller, I Know Where I’m Going. Lovely email received and response wending your way this afternoon. xox!

  2. Vicke,I love A Matter of Life and Death.I was lucky and once again due to the generosity of British papers secured a copy given away in a paper and bought by me for a donation of twenty pence UK money in a chatity shop{Goodwill Store}

    I find it a very moving film and usually go blub blub at the opening sequence as although stagey it always reminds me that The War had only finished a year before at tremendous cost to both sides and that real men had gone down in planes in order that Britain not surrender to the jackboot.For audieces seeing at the time it must have had tremendous resonance.

    Marius Goring is also in it.He once played one of my favourite literary characters,The Scarlet Pimpernel,on 50s UK television.They are available in black and white on You Tube.

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