The Producers — “We’ll play the countessa and the chauffeur!”

estelle-winwood-portrait-1918-706x1024LOVE Estelle Winwood — to have been alive when she was onstage and to have seen her perform…

You know me chickadees, it’s never straightforward on Beguiling. Today’s theme is about make-believe/fantasy/imagination, and its significant role in romantic relationships. Anybody care to chime in?


  1. I’ve never seen a photo of her an er as a young woman woman, she was quite gorgeous! Did you ever see the movie Murder by Death? She has a small part in it but she’s hilarious.

    As for the role of fantasy and role-playing in relationships, why the heck not? In fact, maybe I’ll ask Mr. Weebles if he wants to play The Soldier and the Red Cross Girl later.

    • A Farewell to Arms, or more MASH? Or shouldn’t I ask?

      Estelle was an ethereal beauty, a witty correspondent, and a great theatrical presence. And, I do remember her in Murder by Death. I think she must have been a scene stealer too!

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