Preston Sturges had signed a deal with Paramount in 1936, and Easy Living was his first assignment for them.  Although putatively based on a story by Vera Caspary, Sturges in fact supposedly kept almost nothing of it except the mink coat. When a studio executive rejected the script because “1936 was not the time for comedies”, Sturges took the script directly to Mitchell Leisen, of which Sturges said “going to a director over the head of my producer was not a sagacious move.”

via Easy Living (1937 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A reader recently reminded my what a delightful talent Jean Arthur was, this screwball comedy begins when a mink coat is tossed off the roof of Manhattan penthouse, and a completely charming movie ensues.




    • I could kiss you! Preston Sturges movies are right up there with Billy Wilder’s and Ernst Lubitsch’s – I might have to send you a cake on his birthday. Which is August 28th, remind me 😉

      • Haha! 🙂 Seriously, though, I do love Wilder and Lubitsch so much, too. What sets Sturges apart for me, other than his world-view, is the fact that all of his masterpieces (7 or 8, depending on your opinion) were made in 4 years. 4 years.

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