Ladies, I think we know why that big lizard is so crabby — sometimes you just have a God-damn Godzilla day

godzilla2014_fan_posterI think that should say “Queen” for our purposes, but, you know — I didn’t write the copy.

I have friends who worked on this film… And babies, you’re not going to hear anything but love from me. Check out the trailer!

And, is that piece in the beginning the Requiem (1963) (“Requiem, for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Mixed Choirs & Orchestra”) by György Ligeti that was used in 2001?


  1. Yes, Vickie. That was Requiem (Atmospheres) in the trailer. I’ve already rev’d for this — and want to purge the bad taste from the ’98 movie out of my system 😉

  2. After the filming was completed last year here in town, Godzilla decided he likes San Francisco and has joined such Hollywood luminaries as Robin Williams and Sean Penn and bought a house here. He lives up on Mt. Olympus not too far from Lane. Word around town is that when he goes shopping at Mollie Stones he leaves the place in shambles. “Clean up on aisle four!”

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