Big plan for the day – emulate Merle Oberon – stay in PJs and recover from Christmas

I’m dreaming of sleeping until noon. Wandering downstairs in my pajamas, brewing a cup of coffee, glancing at the paper, and perhaps napping on the couch in said pajamas. Later, still in pajamas I may answer email, eat leftovers, and contemplate taking a nice walk. Having decided I would have to shed pajamas in favor of something more sensible I will choose to stay in pajamas, watch an old movie, read a novel, pester the Mister as he tries to accomplish something on the computer, make supper, tidy up and change into a fresh pair of pajamas in time for bed…

The Divorce of Lady X


  1. an excellent idea.

    pretty much doing the same.

    but in an MGM sort of a slip and a satin robe.

    btw (as the young people say), the best PJs were in Houseboat (worn not just by Cary Grant but his adorable children) – very brooks bros.

    reminds us of visiting the Madison Avenue shop circa 2006 and asking if they have “these pajamas and the blue-blue robe over there in a small” – “what size is Sir?” came the reply – “You’re looking at him,” we smiled, winsomely.

    ps: do you know why there’s a vast publicity still for The Women on a house on Lookout Mountain? we posted a picture of it yesterday – but mr. Google has no details at ALL. thought You might know.


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