From sketch, to stage concept, to screen – Orry-Kelly for Auntie Mame

Orry-Kelly set concept Auntie Mameauntiemame


    • I read the book again over Christmas – it’s wonderful, and Rosalind Russell is one of my heroines… I think she said she developed the characterization of Mame based on her older sister…

  1. Patrick: “cubism, squiffed..heterosexual.”
    Mame: “OH my my my you won’t need some of these words for months and months…Now Patrick tell your Auntie Mame, am I anything like what you expected?”

  2. Jen

    Oh, I adore Auntie Mame! The moment my sister announced she was pregnant I decided I’d be Auntie Mame (let’s face it, I’m more than halfway there). And yes, the bracelets! *swoon*

  3. Vera Charles: If you kept your hair natural like I do…
    Auntie Mame: If I kept my hair natural like yours, I’d be bald.

    (reminds us of Dolly Parton’s greatest line: “When people ask me ‘How long does it take to do your hair?’ I always smile and say, ‘Honey, I have no idea. I’m never there.'”)

    • So much to love in the writing! And, Dolly Parton’s nearly Marie Antoinette wigs were sheer genius — a well known performer who becomes unidentifiable when out of costume — like Moms Mabley…

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