I can get away from this shack with its cheap furniture…


Veda (in Mildred Pierce referring to the town of Glendale): With this money I can get away from you. From you and your chickens and your pies and your kitchens and everything that smells of grease. I can get away from this shack with its cheap furniture. And this town and its dollar days, and its women that wear uniforms and its men that wear overalls.



  1. Gah, I loved that movie. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking Joan Crawford was the best actress I’d ever seen. For a long time I avoided the Kate Winslet remake–but when I finally watched it I thought they did a nice job. Rachel Evan Wood as Veda was marvelously despicable.

    • Loved the movie, loved the book, as to the remake — it was great, EXCEPT, I couldn’t get past the terrain looking distinctly like New York (?) and nothing like Southern California… I know HBO is to be much admired for making quality TV, but, they’re also notoriously cheap, and this was one time where a less expensive location was a mistake, as the location was almost a character in the narrative itself. Me? Opinionated? 😉

  2. Such a fantabulous film—the first time I saw it was such a revelation to me, and it NEVER gets old. Still haven’t seen the Kate Winslet remake, though I’m a fan of her work.

  3. What a great film! I love anything Joan.

    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I look forward to checking out your book (the cover is gorgeous, a perfect vanilla sky!) When is its due date? Happy Birthday…and happy Valentine’s Day!

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