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“Did he love her?”

“He loved her more than anything.”

“Did they live here?”

“Yes. In the ruin.”

via It was called Slave Hill | The Pink Agendist.

Bay-of-Panama-from-Grand-Hotel-1875Photos of Panama by Eadweard Muybridge


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I went running back to proofread what I’d written 😀 I should do that more often…
    The landscape and architectural style are spot on. It’s more or less the same from the Yucatan to Buzios. The accents and languages change along the way, but the stories all overlap. One day I might sit down and put up some pictures of the ‘Grand Colonials’. Here’s a link to pictures of the Revilla de Camargo house in Havana:
    But I’ve found an even more interesting picture. First you have to imagine that 25 years ago, when I was a boy, there was only one house and a ruin on slave hill (not a single high-rise). Everything around it was green, and ocean. The Vila Galé hotel is where the ruins used to be, and right next to it, almost hidden, is the old house on Slave Hill. Now there are another two modern houses to its left. One of which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. My grandparents still own it, but it sits closed, empty. The floors are blue granite. The salon is double height, around six metres. Sitting in the dining room one feels as if one is aboard a ship. Perhaps the Titanic? And so I shan’t bore you more, here it is:

    • OH! There’s this book I have to find for you, actually two books. One is a coffee table book on Cuba’s grandeur in decay, and the other is a series of photos of the jungle reclaiming ruins… I want to see that Oscar Niemeyer house – mmmm, Titanic? Nah, more like the most modern cruise ship you can imagine balanced on a single knife blade keel, maybe?

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