My boyfriend, Jeff Bezos, over at Amazon just sent me such a treat!

It’s this luscious gem of a book my friend wrote…

Photo on 2-6-14 at 3.17 PMOh, dear! We can do better than that. Re-light! Roll ’em!

how to stay sane in a crazy world hollywoodOkay, I’d never make it in the camera department because clearly I didn’t rack focus properly. But I know a GREAT book when I see one — and I see one.

how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart.


      • I pre-ordered via Amazon UK and, sadly, they send me little messages saying the shipping is delayed 😦 :(. I should have gone to my local bookshop and asked them to order it for me. That would have brought the book to their attention and got me my book sooner. I may do that yet!

  1. gosh.

    feeling Rather Emotional seeing all the pictures today of people opening their Parcels and there it is – the 1st book EVER.


    thank you for being an angel and ordering it.

    happy reading.

  2. Heather in Arles

    Does the Mister know about the affair that you are having with Jeff Bezos? Hmmm…
    So is it as absolutely beautiful as I know it must be? Oooh I will have to wait a little longer for mine!

    • Oh Golly! It started in about 1995, packages arriving in the mail… I referred to him as my “boyfriend” almost from the start, but then I also refer to my vintage stove with six burners, two ovens, two broilers, and a look like a 1950s automobile, as “baby”.

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