Speechless with delight! The cat is out of the bag! And I started lying about my age 20 years ago!

Photo on 2-12-14 at 11.14 AM

Lost in Arles: Twilight in Gordes – for Vickie L.

GO TO “L” ~ For the Beguiling Vickie Lester. | SCENTS MEMORY.

Hollywood Roses: Vickie, Betty and… L’Interdit by Givenchy The Perfumed Dandy’s Happy Birthday Festival of Flowers | The Perfumed Dandy..


  1. George Kaplan

    You started lying about your age twenty years ago? At the age of *four*?! Well I never!

    Wishing You the most Warming, Beautiful, and Fun of Birthdays with an almost unbelievably Fulfilling & Gorgeous Year Ahead, Darling Vickie. You are *beyond* the Top! I count myself miraculously fortunate to have found You and Beguiling Hollywood. You bring a Special and Unmatched Light to the World (look at those CAPITALS!) that is like old-fashioned Hollywood Glamour times a thousand. Many Happy Returns!
    Oh, and Sir Lanier and Lady Heather, I just *adore* your birthday tributes! Soul-enlarging and Truly deserved. We Love and Believe In You, Vickie!

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