A fine romance… Happy Valentine’s Weekend for an old friend of Beguiling, George Kaplan








  1. Oh my. My heart is racing! And I am sure that will be the same effect on our dear Mr. K when he sees this. Add me to the list of those sending a valentine to George this weekend. He is worth all the twirls in the world…
    Bisous to you both!

  2. Ahhh, Vickie, that is Beautiful. Thank You so much, such a lovely thought from you, my Radiant and Beguiling Friend. Love You!
    Oh, and Heather, you are ever-so Delightful, Warm, and Appreciated too! You both pump life back into this ruined old heart of mine. You are both beyond price and compare. What an unexpected Valentine’s weekend gift!
    Hugs, George x

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