Overheard in Hollywood…about Russell Crowe, strewth!


I am very, very, very old school when it comes to certain things in the digital era, I don’t do selfies at events or parties, I suppose it’s not because I disapprove, it’s just not something I’m adept at.

However, I’m really, really, good at eavesdropping. Overheard the night before the Oscars, let’s just say it was a private affair.

Can’t you just IMAGINE the conversation between Crowe and whichever thug at CAA he’s signed toΒ  (said with love – would sign with them in a heartbeat – remind me to tell you the story of opening the back kitchen door to Bryan Lourd at Carrie Fisher’s house some time).

RC: Noah? The character’s called Noah?

Agent: That’s right.

RC: So what does this guy Noah do? Bit of an old fashioned name for an action hero bloke don’t you think?

Agent: We like to think of Noah as the Original Man of Action.

RC: Strewth! THAT Noah?

Agent: Y-es.

RC: Wowzer.

Agent: You did play Superman’s father…

RC: That’s because it was a heck of a lot of money.

Agent: This is more.

RC: Let’s build an Ark, men!


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  2. George Kaplan

    Ahahahahaha! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the trailer to that thing; I look forward to a few years time when they release Noah 2 Judgment Day and Noah 3D The Revenge (shot back-to-back).
    Tell Carrie Fisher story, please. We like Carrie tales (that’s the Royal “We”!).

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