• Love the picture, a few days ago I was in an elevator with someone who had obviously left the building on a break to have a cigarette, and smelling the trace of smoke I went right back to my teens and my aunts smoking and talking and putting on bright red lipstick…

      • I remember every time we would go out there would be clouds of it, it really has changed. Although, if you’re walking down Hollywood Blvd. at night now the smoke is from a different plant, but that’s an impression for another weblog…

      • Indeed. Do you remember the smoke clouds at the cinema and in aeroplanes? Choke… The only time I ever liked the scent of tobacco was when I went to New York for the first time and discovered, I know not what, but it was like apple and vanilla. I would purposely trail that pipe smoker.. just for the pleasure of inhaling the second hand smoke! Well…I was young 😀 Does that excuse me???

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