A tiny bit of modern art history with Vickie Lester, of course kittens, from my book!


Bob Brown’s house was a glorified Spanish Colonial on Crescent Drive designed by Wallace Neff sometime in the forties and purchased by Brown in 1964. The entry hall had a curved stairway and the walls were hung with Pop Art. There was a Jasper Johns—an embossed print of two “mouths” (where eyes should have been) behind a pair of glasses—a cartoon image by Roy Lichtenstein depicting a teary blonde—a repeating silkscreen self-portrait of Andy Warhol—and, a weird painting by Mel Ramos of a naked and busty brunette pin-up embracing what appeared to be a tube of Colgate toothpaste, though what the iconic white word spelled against the red background on the upright tube was, Comfort. Suddenly, Anne couldn’t get past the pictures. “Dad, what’s with the art work?”

by Vickie Lester via

It’s in His Kiss


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