When friends come to tea they tell of old movie stars with wigs askew, and remind us that the currency of the internet is…


Is very much the currency of life, the currency of the internet is “kindness”. Cordial relations. Interaction with grace and interest.  Currency: a medium of verbal or intellectual expression…the very deep desire of humankind to simply communicate.

This is a good thing to remember when you’re burnt out and your immediate instinct is to retreat from society, polite and otherwise.

Projecting? Moi? Of course I am.

Whenever I grumble (which is frequently) it’s nice (that’s too piffling a word), it’s extraordinary to think of friends around the world I never would have met if it wasn’t for the computer (thank you Alan Turing) and the Internet.

Tapping on the keyboard in all time zones, in so many countries, with so many stories to share. So, many thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau for the World Wide Web that makes all this blogging possible.

And, thanks to you.




  1. Heather in Arles

    Bisou, friend. And thank you to the power of tg for that very fine advice. I am blown away over and over again by the kindness of people on the internet. It makes me think that it is how we all want to be most of the time but just don’t dare to in our scary society these days…?

  2. Good morning/afternoon! I was a bit gravelly and grumpy yesterday…until teamgloria.com turned up. Scary society as in craven politicians stirring up fear to manipulate the population? I almost think the Internet is an antidote for that. Because here, baloney really doesn’t fly – unless you decide to swallow the baloney sandwich, and I suppose there are plenty of places on the web that cater to such tastes. The one thing I noticed about the Kid and his rather wild interactions on the net, was that young people tend to speak the truth, unabashedly, and maybe a bit provocatively, but it gives me hope for the future.

    • Heather in Arles

      And that is a very fine thing…the thing with feathers! Plus, who wouldn’t smile at such a glorious Avedon/Suzy Parker (redhead!) photo bedorned in a pink satin bow no less…a form of feather-free hope I do believe…

  3. George Kaplan

    Hey, you forgot to thank Al Gore! Bwahahaha! I hope you feel better soon.
    The interweb (despite its many downsides) *is* a blessing, for without it I would not have “met” YOU, divine Ms Vickie.

    I do feel that I have to check your praise of the younger because as with anything there are a lot of wonderful younger people out there but there are also a huge numbers of the cruel and the moronic! That’s Humanity for ya! And to speak the Truth you have to know what it is, whatever age you are. Also, remember when you were younger? I don’t doubt that you met more than a few vicious, malign, and bullying boys and girls, men and women, that never changes. Boy, aren’t I a downer?!

    • Bullying goes on still, you are right. Some people are controlling, biased, ignorant, fearful, a**holes at any age, but what I noticed when I would glimpse the free-for-all that passed for discourse on the Web that the Kid took part in, was an immediate (and sometimes flaming smart) correction of any nasty behavior.

  4. George Kaplan

    Would that it were like that everywhere on the interweb! Maybe the Kid just hung out with good, no-nonsense people?! Your influence!

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  6. very moved by your lovely tribute to Mr. Alan Turing.


    we feel sure he heard and smiled (very small discreet smile as he was British of course)

    very good.

    carry on.


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