L.A. Sleepers, a serialized novel — Eyeless in Brentwood (Installment #1) | hollywood ghostwriter confessions

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L.A. Sleepers, a serialized novel — Eyeless in Brentwood (Installment #1)

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L.A. Sleepers, a serialized novel


When her cell phone rang, Dakota Donovan was soaking in the bathtub, puffing on an electronic cigarette, and rereading The Big Sleep. The last thing she wanted to do was answer the phone.

She was behind on her rent, overdue on her credit card payments, still owed her dentist for a root canal, and about to have her electricity turned off. If her phone was ringing, and the fricking thing rang night and day, it was somebody who wanted money—money she didn’t have.

But Dakota had to answer the call — the person on the other end might want to hire her for a writing gig.

On the fifth ring of her ringtone—the opening bars of Bach’s “Sleepers Awake”—Dakota grabbed her cell from the shelf next to the tub and answered the way she always answered.

“Boo! It’s Dakota.”

“I’m looking for a ghostwriter,” the man said. He had the quavering voice of someone in his eighties.


“Y-e-s,” he went on, turning the short word into three syllables. “I need you to start right away.”

Dakota knew what was coming.

“…I’m dying.”

…to be continued. A new section each day. Stay tuned.

© 2013, Dakota Donovan, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

via L.A. Sleepers, a serialized novel — Chapter 1.1: Eyeless in Brentwood (Installment #1) | hollywood ghostwriter confessions.


  1. George Kaplan

    Intriguing! I particularly liked the detail of “Sleepers Awake” as a ringtone. Dakota Donovan is a heckuva swell name too!

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