Monumental Deco – Architect Claude Beelman in Los Angeles, from MGM to historic Downtown

The Irving J. Thalberg Building at MGM 1938-39:

The Eastern Building – architectural rendering:

The Eastern Building under construction in 1930:

The Eastern Building – completed:

The 9th and Broadway Building – completed 1929:

The entrance to 9th and Broadway:


  1. I let out a whoop when I saw the Thalberg building. Elizabeth Taylor called it, ” “The Iron Lung” because they told us all how to breath.” I had a great Aunt who was an actress in the 1920’s in New York and did radio in LA. Damn it I can’t remember her stage name. Anyway I only met her once in 1960 when I was 10 and she showed me her theater trunk and decided that I had “IT” and wanted to run me out to M.G.M. and show me to her “friends” there. Of course I wanted to go but my parents put the cabosh on it. So I never got to be told how to breath by good old M.G.M. And of course I recognize the Eastern Building. Funny how your blog is bringing up old memories. I haven’t thought of that Aunt in years.

  2. ED

    The Thalberg building.I confess to never having seen it before.Its wonderful and a lovely photograph.I am going to have to hunt this place down.

  3. The Art Deco period is one of the most glamorous. Clothes, art, architecture, well the list can go on, were profoundly changed by the influences of this era. My personal favourite. As alway, darling Vickie, thank you for this wonderful site and your unquestionable good taste.

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