Why difficult directors keep working…


“It’s no secret that my process is a little bit loose and can be a little bit infuriating…”

How to even begin to deconstruct that statement… A little bit infuriating… A little bit, but, he makes beaucoup bucks, so…

Doug Liman hopes his wild loop means a hit with ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ – Los Angeles Times.



Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need Is Kill, the film is a little more prestigious than your routine blockbuster. The intricate, knowing script is credited to Christopher McQuarrie of The Usual Suspects and to esteemed British playwright Jez Butterworth and his brother John-Henry Butterworth. Add cinematographer Dion Beebe, a collaborator of Michael Mann and Jane Campion, and leading effects whiz Nick Davis, and there’s some distinctive clout here.

While hardly a game-changer, Edge of Tomorrow reworks its old tropes with wit and brio. Given the weary complacency with which most commercial cinema settles for its own second-handedness, it’s a pleasure to see a film so utterly brazen about its own derivative nature. It almost makes you want to see if they can pull off a sequel – Edge of Tomorrow 2: Seen It All Before.

via Edge of Tomorrow review – Tom Cruise in born again blockbuster | Film | The Observer.

And I’m at the theater watching it right now…middle-aged, bookish, quiet loving…which is a little bit mind-blowing. No, really — it’s a little bit miraculous — because I got so excited at the prospect of seeing it I scheduled this post in advance, before I discovered it doesn’t open until June, 6th 😉 .


  1. I was dying to see it because Ciarán Hinds was listed as one of the “stars.” Then I found out that his role was a “cameo.” Then I found out that frigging Brendan Gleeson got the role that should have gone to him. Then I found out from a friend who saw it in Germany that the “cameo” ended up on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor, and that one must sit through two hours of exploding Tom Cruises for a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by Mr. H.
    Sigh. Perhaps in the DVD extras???
    I must admit, however, that the news of a script by Jez Butterworth made me sit up and pay attention.

    • A really great writing team!
      Love Ciarán Hinds! Sorry to hear he was cut out of the movie, but the two hours of exploding Tom Cruises, that sounds almost comedic 😉 .

      • For a mashup of “Groundhog Day” and “Transformers,” it’s actually getting a decent reception. Apparently the writing is good, so chalk that up to Butterworth.

  2. Ground Hog Day 2: War!

    I would probably actually watch it, but I can’t stand Tom Cruise. Why does he keep getting cast in sci-fi movies? I want to see sci-fi movies, but not when he’s in them.

    • At first I thought it was Ground Hog Day with Robots… very Isaac Asimov, but alas.
      No matter what Mr. Cruise does he always comes off very intense, even in comedy, which is why I think he’s cast in sci-fi — he lends credibility to a very fictionalized situation.

  3. I’ve been unable to get very excited about Tom Cruise movies since he went publicly nuts and became a Scientologist (or is that Clientologist? 😉 Usually I’m able to set aside personal feelings and appreciate someone’s craft, but with him it’s just not one of those things. I’ll see this when my library gets it, and I can view it for free.

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