Montgomery Clift: about Hollywood…

Annex - Clift, Montgomery (A Place in the Sun)_08

I told them I wanted to choose my scripts and my directors myself. “But sweetheart,” they said, “you’re going to make a lot of mistakes.” And I told them, “You don’t understand; I want to be free to do so.”


  1. George Kaplan

    I think the interesting thing here is when Clift says he wants to be able to choose *the directors* himself, while wishing to pick the scripts he wants to do is obviously sensible, choosing the directors who will work on said scripts seems hubristic and egotistical in the way that certain actors tend to be. Even if he didn’t mean it that way. Some actors were (and are) as bad as the studios!

  2. George Kaplan

    I know that, but Monty in saying he wanted to be free to pick the director was being no different THAN the studio! And you are as aware as I am – moreso even because you have intimate experience – of how many egomaniacal and controlling actors there are! 😉

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