The Kid recently saw NIN in Vegas and I reminded him his grandparents were…Jitterbugs!





  1. I love the jitterbug! First dance my Mom taught me in 1958. Granny taught me the Charleston! Do you remember the two guys doing the fantastic acrobatic jitterbug in “Since You Went Away”. That always floored me. I mean they were so good and it was two men in a war time movie dancing together and not for laughs.
    Cheers Miss Lester!

    • The Charleston and the Jitterbug — real joie de vivre!!! Love them, and you were so fortunate to have Mom and Granny pass them along to you. I learned my dance moves from “Soul Train” and “American Bandstand”, not nearly the same… And, yes — “Since You Went Away” — great war time movie with huge production values. Did you know the director, John Cromwell, was the father of the actor James Cromwell? Well, now you do!
      xox, Vickie

      • Oh yes I graduated to “American Bandstand” and in college to “Sooooul Train”. they kept me in shape for the fast approaching disco era! Yes Lanier was a disco bunny boy. Only just put up my toe shoes 10 years ago. But I still shake it around the office. It scares the kiddies.

  2. Mr. Right and I were just dancing like that last night—kidding 🙂 Always wanted to dance like that but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. The photographs are really sweet—such an innocent vibe. Thanks for sharing!

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