Hanging on the telephone…

Two New York thespians in town and starring opposite each other in an autumn release were spotted at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood by an ardent fan. At the time they asserted they were “just friends”.  A week later his wife arrived at the Hotel Bel-Air while the friendly star was in the shower. Responding to the chirp of a telephone text the wife located the phone in the sheets of his bed and was astonished to see a nude portrait of the other New York thespian preening in front of a mirror in a vaguely familiar marble lined bath – as it turned out in the adjoining suite.

The concierge returned the shattered iPhone (it looked like it had been stomped with a stiletto heel) to the actor in question and the wife initiated divorce proceedings within the hour.

Remember, my darlings, never commit anything to cyberspace you wouldn’t be proud to show your mother.


  1. Also running in the background of Double Indemnity was writer Raymond Chandler, who’s cameo appearance was only noticed recently. I’m not sure if he was ever spotted at Bristol Farms.

    • I think about you every morning when I wake up here in Palm Springs and grab a shot of the pink mountains at sunrise and wonder what a real photographer would do. Maybe shoot with a Nikon instead of an iPhone? xox, V

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