How The Digital Realm Reinvented Cozy Heartwarming Kindness | Sophia Stuart

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Digital is the best thing that ever happened to women because it signals the end of the middle man and the beginning of all us being connected to one another, in a lovely and deeply practical way.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Disruptive Technologies”, which was coined by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor in 1997. Simply put, this means new technologies that enable businesses that nobody had thought of before to threaten and often destroy the old guard. One example is the popularity of buying books on an Internet-based retailer that led to the demise of the high street bookshop.

But if you take the disruption concept one step further, what’s really exciting is all of us selling books to each other, using the web as a virtual shop-front, with a check-out facility so we can get paid.

For example, there are thousands of clever and witty book bloggers who now have a little shop attached to their blog. This is a brilliant way to learn, talk, share and buy new books, pre-loved second-hand titles and re-issued or just forgotten stories. And when you’ve finished with the books, you can re-sell them if you like, via your own shop.

You can even write your own books and have them privately, or self, published. Virginia Woolf set up Hogarth Press, her own publishing company, in 1917, producing her own books, in exquisitely designed editions.

There’s nothing stopping you doing the same and selling your work in the international marketplace called the web. Isn’t it amazing that we’ve come full circle?

In fact a lot of what is now “disrupting” the status quo is a return to kinder values — on a globally connected scale…

via How The Digital Realm Reinvented Cozy Heartwarming Kindness | Sophia Stuart.

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