Doris Day on Cary Grant – “A completely private person, totally reserved, and there is no way into him.”



  1. beachgal

    My mom was on the poolside set for That Touch of Mink – it was shot at The Miramar in Santa Monica – I trumped up a reason I had to drop by to see my mom – but it was really to get an eyeball full of Cary – I’d seen Doris many a time but not Cary – he was usually very invisible by the time I was around and happening enough to want to try to see him!

  2. On Carey Grant: I’ve always liked him, but never found him actually sexy or attractive. I enjoy his created persona on film, and he was a very important character type that filled a very important niche in film. He just never got under my skin the way Jimmy Stewart and Glenn Ford did.

    On Doris Day: I like her singing better than her acting. I have several of her CDs on regular rotation in my music collection. I love that old sawhorse about her, ascribed to Oscar Levant, “I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.” – makes me laugh every time, because she really did always choose parts that made her seem so innocent. I suspect the real Doris was quite a bit different! I mean, I hope she was… who could live like that?

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