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Readers who’ve been following the commentary and sketches of my friend Schulenberg may recall that when he arrived in New York from his home state of California in 1961, one of the first people he met was the then girlfriend of his UCLA chum Barry Dennen, a kid from Brooklyn named Barbra. Barbra had just won a two week gig singing in a gay club on West 9th Street where she was doubling as a hat check to get her dinner also.

Robert Schulenberg
Robert Schulenberg

Barbara at Home 6-8-64.

The following year Schulenberg went to Paris for an intended short stay that turned into a two year visit. In this sketchbook that these pictures are taken from, he had just returned on the France the French Line on the 4th of August, 1964.

As the ship entered New York harbor it sailed under the brand new Verranzano Bridge, just finishing construction. The foghorns blew and the bridge workers cheered the arrival. He was met at the boat by his friends Treva Silverman, an up and coming comedy writer, and Warren Lyons (son of the Broadway columnist Leonard Lyons).

Two days later he went to visit his friend Barbra who was now a Broadway star, having opened in “Funny Girl” four months before (March 26th) at the Winter Garden Theater. Barbra was now married to actor Elliot Gould and living in a penthouse on Central Park West that once belonged to lyricist Lorenz Hart. The kid he’d first seen three years before coming down 9th Street in her vintage thrift shop clothes was now a very glamorous New York woman whose fashion choices were followed closely by both press and fans…


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  1. August 25, 2014

    GL = giant like! <3 admiration, respect and love for this LADY – fantastic singer and great actress… a living icon! thanx for your fine post(s)! cheers, Mélanie

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