Ethereal Steel and Glass in Los Angeles, Case Study House #22

Pure mid-century wonder …

Case Study House #22, The Stahl House, Architect Pierre Koenig, 1959-1960, Photograph by Julius Shulman.

If you want to see the house in a movie watch Galaxy Quest. If you want to buy an architecture buff a wow Christmas present get the Taschen Case Study Houses: The Complete CSH Program, 1945-1966. In a pinch you can use the outsize volume to build a fort or barricade a doorway.


    • This is what I learned about living in one of these mid-century beauties – lots of glass – lots of heat loss in the winter. And, they have to be well placed on the property – for obvious fish bowl reasons 😉

      • That is a given…lol. No this fantasy is in my movie life. No glaring sun, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Oh and Thelma Ritter is the wise cracking maid.

      • So is it any wonder? You captured me and now I’m under your spell…

        I used to sing that interspersed with –

        Around the world in eigh–ty days. We carried on when hope was gone to make our ren-dez-vous…

        It’s a wonder my parents didn’t put me up for adoption.

      • Vickie, I am going to start calling you Little Sister. Isn’t the universe amazing? when I was little I used to go outside in Granny’s back yard…I must have been nine… and look up at the stars and sing. “When you wish upon a star…makes no difference who you are anything your heart desires will come to you.” That reminds me, For another story time. I have to tell you about Bryant, Peter Pan and Disneyland. .

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