Shirley MacLaine and Edith Head go way back…

Shirley MacLaine tries on her Oscars gown

Trying on the gown designed by Edith Head for the Academy Awards in 1959

what a way to go (1964)

Design for What A Way To Go (1964)

edith head shirley maclaine

Edith Head and Shirley MacLaine, Sweet Charity (1969)

sweet charity


  1. You know, the Head Edith couldn’t draw, she just signed them! But she could run her department.
    I worked on a play for which she designed the women’s costumes (“Edwin Booth”) and the only conversation I remember was her continually saying to me how insecure she was doing it. “I don’t know why they hired me….” Yada yada yada! A complicated woman.
    Another time, I had lunch at the old Oblath’s across from (the old) Paramount with her and Al Nickel, the head of (the old) Western Costume which was then next to Paramount.
    Using Oblath’s restroom, I saw there were graffiti on the walls. I couldn’t resist. I wrote “Edith Head gives good wardrobe”!

  2. I do love me some Edith Head! A true eccentric with dreadnought talent.

    Shirley in that top photo – best short haircut ever. Only certain people can pull off short hair, and that haircut on Ms. Maclaine was perfection. The later iterations of it… not so much.

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