The creation of a sexy witch – model, Dusty Anderson – artist, Gil Elvgren



  1. beautycalyptique

    awesome and very much in time. boo! 😀

    oh and I’d like to say: the model had the hardest job.
    sitting on a bar stool like that looking careless is an arduous task indeed.
    I had a few pro photoshoots for my business portraits, nothing THAT fancy, but if you work with fashion photographers, they let you sit in a pose that’s stunningly elegant for the beholder yet actually model yoga… for advanced students!

    • My sister is a painter and she used to try to get me to sit still so she could draw me and I would always take off running in the opposite direction.
      Model yoga I cannot even begin to comprehend!

    • It was calendar art for a company named Brown & Bigelow, they specialized in pin-up art and were based in Chicago (I think). Instead of depicting a “witch” it represented a kittenish model dressed up (or barely dressed) for Halloween. The painting is called Riding High and the model is Marilyn Hanold (I misidentified her as Dusty Anderson!)

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